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Welcome to Spinning Babies! I am really excited that you will be joining us for this class. Please complete this form for registration. Within the next 3 days, I will email you a PayPal invoice.

Coronavirus NOTICE: At this time, all in-person classes have been suspended.
Instead, please register for the Online Guided Spinning Babies Parent Class with Katie Tighe here!

PLEASE NOTE: This class will be at your pace online or downloaded. Our follow up session will be over a zoom meeting, meaning it will be a virtual, live video meeting. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss anything related to the class focus and practice these techniques with experienced Certified Educator, Katie Tighe, SpBCPE. If lots of questions come up, then it will likely go over time. Likewise, if not much discussion happens, then we may end a little bit early. Once payment is received, I will email you the download codes for the Parent Class and Daily Essentials to access the downloads from the Spinning Babies website.

AFTER you complete the online parent class, then we will schedule the one-on-one follow up consultation meeting over zoom. I have been staying up to date on the zoom privacy concerns and am therefore taking every recommended precaution to keep our zoom meetings secure which includes using a randomized meeting ID, unique password for each session, enabling the waiting room feature when needed, and requiring registration for each meeting when needed. Please be aware that my zoom meeting spaces are not HIPAA compliant as I am not a therapist, midwife, medical care provider or lactation consultant. However, I take your privacy and security very seriously and can answer any questions.

Birth Professionals: this class is for expecting parents. If you are pregnant, then you are welcome to register as a parent. Workshops for professionals can be found on the Spinning Babies website.

Cost for class: $100 Payment is due before download codes and our first introduction virtual meeting can be scheduled. A full refund is possible until the download codes have been sent. Once the codes have been sent, only a partial refund is possible until our one-on-one virtual consultation follow up is scheduled. After the one-on-one virtual consultation with Katie Tighe, no refund is possible.

Included in class: parent eBook, digital handouts, download of online Parent Class with Gail Tully, download of the Daily Essentials exercises & yoga flow, 15-minute introduction virtual meeting before taking the online class, and a one-on-one virtual consultation after completing the online class (for up to 2 hours of support). We have kept the cost of this class the same as the in-person class was before the crisis. But you will be getting much more focused support with this follow up one-on-one session and the daily essentials download, which was previously not included.

Please call, text, what's app or email me if you have any questions!

Katie Tighe, SpBCPE | 864.356.3487 | WarmScarfDoula@gmail.com
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