Ely Outfitting Company's Canoe Trip Routing Form
We are happy to help you plan a successful trip that fits your interests and expectations perfectly. Provide us with the following information and we will email you route options that fit with what you're looking for.
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Contact Information
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Who's Going?
Estimated group size *
The maximum group size in the Boundary Waters is nine persons. The number of people in your group can be adjusted up until we issue the permit at our shop when you arrive for your trip. When we reserve your required entry permit, we will reserve it for two adults and one watercraft.
If your group is larger than nine people, please describe.
What are the ages of all youth on the trip younger than 18 years?
If the age of the adults in your group would be helpful to us in making route suggestions, then please indicate the approximate age of the adults.
What is your group's common connection?
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What is your group's most important goal for the trip? *
You may have heard something special about the Boundary Waters and want to see or experience something in particular.  If so, let us know.
When Are You Going?
On what dates (month and day) could you launch your canoe trip? *
Permits are reserved by specific entry day.  For best permit availability and routing options, pick a window of time that you could launch your trip.
How long will you be on trail? *
For the best wilderness experience, consider a trip of five or more days.  However, if you don't have that much time to spare, the Boundary Waters is still worth it. If you are unsure, check multiple trip lengths.
Over the course of your trip, how many different campsites would you like? *
On one end of the spectrum, you might base camp and stay at the same campsite the entire trip.  At the other end of the spectrum, you might have a different campsite each night.  Then, somewhere in the middle of those two options, you might decide to spend two or more nights at a campsite.
Your Group's Particular Interests
On travel days, how far do you want to travel?   "Travel days" are days when you transport your camping equipment to a new campsite. *
An average BWCA travel day lasts about 3 to 4 hours and covers 6 to 7 miles.
On a subjective scale, how physical would you like your trip to be? *
More physical trips generally have more frequent and longer portages.
Do you have particular fishing interests? *
The Boundary Waters offers world-class freshwater wilderness fishing opportunities. Select one option that reflects your interest.
If interested in fishing for a particular species of fish, please list the species.
Select any of the following interests you may have.
Are you willing to canoe on a route that includes motorboats?
A few lakes within the BWCA, but only on the BWCA perimeter, allow motorboats with a 25 hp restriction and by permit only.
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Experience Levels
BWCAW experience *
We help lots of folks have great first experiences in the Boundary Waters.
Canoeing experience *
Backcountry (eg, backpacking) camping experience *
Have you outfitted with us before?
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Share any additional info about your group that might help us when suggesting route options.
Self-guided or Professionally Guided?
If planning a self-guided trip, what type of outfitting might you need?
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