Second Life 15th Birthday Shopping Event Sign Ups
Linden Lab is preparing our SL15B shopping event in partnership with our community. If you are interested in participating as a merchant, then please confirm and fill out this form ASAP before Tuesday June 5th, 2018.
Are you interested in participating in an inworld shopping event for SL15B? *
The dates are from June 18th through July 2nd, and we ask that you provide at least a 20% discount on the items you set up. No gachas and gacha resellers will be permitted for this event. Merchant setup in our inworld shopping regions will be available beginning on June 13th (exact time to be determined).
Please provide your best email for contact. *
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What is your avatar account name? *
Not display name - this is how we will tie your responses in this form to you.
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What is your brand name? Please enter this exactly as you use in your own branding materials. *
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Communications for this event are via a group and require one available group slot. Do you have an open group slot available? *
Would you be willing to provide a small gift ( non-exclusive) to shoppers at this event? *
Items do not have to be new or exclusive. We ask that they be rated for a general audience.
What range of a discount are you willing to place on the items you'd include in this event? *
We are asking for a minimum of 20% discount.
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Would you also like to participate in an optional Marketplace sale during the same timeframe? *
This is an optional opportunity. Participants will be expected to set some items for sale on the Second Life Marketplace. We will be promoting participating merchants via links on a promotional landing page featuring all participating Merchants.
Do you understand that by submitting your application for this event, you are not guaranteed a spot? *
We will only contact those who are accepted.
Please provide a link to your Marketplace or Flickr to your items. *
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