Apply to be a guest expert on one of our podcasts/webinars/videos
(These are unpaid speaking opportunities and you participate from the convenience of your home/office.)

Josh and his team are hosting some upcoming video podcasts (virtual panel discussions with guest experts).

Our video podcasts are full of tips and tactics that help our viewers navigate the topic of discussion.
If you want to be a guest, please bring tips that are practical and tactical.

Please make your tips "Practical and Tactical" so they are helpful for parents. Please do not be vague in your tips, as we have limited spots on our podcast and we will be forced to select only the most helpful guests. Please spend another few minutes refining your tips to include an example, a tip and a tool. Maybe you could also include a common misconception.

PUBLICIST NOTE: Please do not fill out this application unless you know the following two details:
1- Your client would like to present on our podcast. 2- Your client is available on the date/time requested in our original email communications.
If you are a publicist/assistant other than the guest expert themselves, please only provide direct contact information for your client, and prepare them to be contacted.
Applications without direct contact information will not be accepted. We work with about 150 experts a year and we appreciate it when we can put guests directly into our process to update them on steps. Thanks!

Video Podcast Requirements:
We use Zoom technology, so you must have a webcam, mic, decent lighting, a quiet room, and a fast computer. Our software works best with the Google Chrome browser.

Please arrive 5 minutes early to set up and please do not use a computer with a company firewall.
We will not go live at the top of the hour. We will prep with you for 10 minutes and then go live about 15 minutes after the start of the hour.

Please watch this video to increase your chances of being selected for this podcast. Thanks! -Josh
Example of our panel discussion technology:
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Please share some practical and tactical key-takeaways (with regards to your expertise) that you would like to present on the video podcast. Josh uses this to interview you, please spend 2 minutes writing out a paragraph with tactical tips. Thanks!
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