KIWICON 2038 - Experimental Call for Presentations
This is the form for the experimental call for presentations. If you are filling this out, you need a bit of help before you can fill out the standard call for presentations.

We need you to at least have an idea and where you want to head next. We aim to try and link you up with a good technical mentor or a good presentation coach - depending on where you think you need help. It should work something like this:

- You submit a CFP through this form.

- We will review it and decide to accept it or not. This will depend on the idea itself and if we actually have the right people that can support you.

- If you are accepted, you are committing to at least two formal checkpoints. The first checkpoint will be to discuss your idea in detail with us and any mentor we may have assisting us. The second checkpoint is at the end, when you either thing you have a good quality presentation or if you have realised the science just isn't in favor of this idea. We want to know what works and what fails.

- At the end of it all, you can submit a call for presentation through our standard process.

If at any point you don't feel you can work with any mentors or coaches you are working with, we expect you to inform the Crue immediately. Vice versa - if a coach or mentor does not feel comfortable working with you or if they feel you are not committed, they will talk to us and we will decide what to do next. Everyone has to follow the code of conduct.

Kiwicon make no guarantees that you will get an amazing piece of research to present. We also don't promise a guaranteed acceptance in the call for presentations. We just want to help you get that push you may need to make a good presentation. This is all in the spirit of science - so it might fail and it may work out. Let's find out!

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What is your idea so far? Be as descriptive as possible.
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Work done so far: *
We need to know where you are at with your idea. What have you tried (and maybe failed)? Who have you spoken to? What have you been reading/studying? Be as detailed as you need!
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Country, and city, because timezone differences can be a challenge.
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Doing the experimental CFP will take time. Be honest with yourself here!
Code of conduct: *
Since you will be working with us and other mentors/coaches, the conference code of conduct applies during the experimental CFP.
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Kiwicon is cheap as. Even for our standard CFP, we can't cover travel costs. The experimental CFP is all virtual.
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Anything else the Crue should know? Be creative! (no fanfic)
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