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1. Who amongst the following sits third to the left of Bill Gates? *
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2. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the given arrangement and thus form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group? *
3. Who amongst the following is the President of the company? *
4. Which of the following is TRUE with respect to the given seating arrangement? *
5. Which of the following posts does Angela Merkel hold in the company? *
6. Statements: All kumud are rahul. Some Rohit are Kumud. Some abhinav are rahul. Conclusions: I. No abhinav is a rohit is a possibility.✓ II. Some Kumud which are rahul they must be a part rohit. *
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7. Statements:All prabhat are prateek. All pramod are prabhat. All prateek are piyush. Conclusions:I. All piyush are pramod is a possibility II. Some piyush are prabhat. *
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8. Statements: All rajesh are rakesh. Some rakesh are ramesh. All ramesh are ritesh. Conclusions: I. Some ritesh which are rakesh are also a part pf rajesh II. No ramesh is rajesh is a possibility *
9. Statements : All gaurav are guneet , All gopal are govinda , No gopal is guneet. Conclusions: I.All gaurav are govinda is a possibility II. All guneet which are govinda are also a part of gopal. *
10. Statements: Some love are life,All life are dream,All love are passion Conclusions: I.Some love are not life. II.All passion are dream is a possibility *
11. Prem goes 10km towards north,from there he goes 6km towards south,then he goes 3 km towards east. Find out in which direction and how far is he from the starting point? *
12. Raj leaves his home and goes straight 20 meters, then turns right and goes 10 meters. He turns left and goes 30 , meters and finally turns right and starts walking. If he is moving in the north direction, then in which direction did he start his walking? *
13. Village B is situated to the north of village A, village C is situated to the east of village B, village D is situated to the left of village A, in which direction is village D situated with respect to village C? *
14. Rohan said pointing towards a picture, "That picture is . of sister of grandson of father of my maternal uncle". How is the lady in the picture related to Rohan? *
15. Statements: X>P>Q_?_R, X=Y, X<Z Conclusions: I. Y>R II. R>Z *
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16. Statements: P>=Q,S<=T,X=Y, X>Z Conclusions: I. S=Q II.X>Q *
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17. Statements: S<=T,T>R, T=W Conclusions: I. R<S II.S<W *
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18. Statements: X=Y<=Z>W Conclusions:Z=X,Z>X *
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19.Statements: S>=R, Y=X<=Z,S<Y Conclusions: I. Y>R II.R>Z *
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20. if "HAT" = 58, then "KEEP" = ? *
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