St Patrick's Cookbook: Recipe Form
The St Patrick's Community are creating a fundraising cookbook to support the wonderful work of the Emerald Neighbourhood Centre and we would love to include your favourite family recipes. Our volunteer coordinators will be sorting through many recipes. To make it easier for them, please follow these simple guidelines before submitting your recipe.

֎ Type your recipe directly into the form
֎ Do not format your recipes (eg. no tabs, bullets etc)
֎ Check that your spelling, grammar & punctuation are consistent.
֎ Spell out all abbreviations e.g. teaspoon, tablespoon, grams, kilogram, millilitres
֎ Ensure symbols & fractions are consistent (½ not 1/2) *You can cut & paste symbols and fractions from below

degrees °
¼ ½ ¾ ⅓ ⅔

You will be able to submit several recipes; however, at this stage, only one will be published. If there are duplicate recipe submissions from several contributors, we may not use your recipe. Providing several recipes preferences will ensure that at least one of your recipes will be published. To submit another recipe, simply fill out this form again.
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Past or present St Patrick's student or staff member (please indicate in brackets either current year of study e.g. Year 3 or year that they left/graduated St Patrick's e.g. 1994) If you were a past staff member, please indicate in brackets the years you taught at St Patrick's e.g. teacher (1980 - 1986), teacher assistant (1966) *
Would you be willing to make your recipe and bring it into school to be professionally photographed? (date/time TBA) *
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Ingredients (Fractions: ¼ ½ ¾ ⅓ ⅔) *
Method (Symbols & Fractions: degrees ° ¼ ½ ¾ ⅓ ⅔) *
Recipe serves: e.g. serves 8 or makes 30 biscuits
Personal recipe comment (optional): recipe history, chef who inspired this recipe, personal connection / memory of the recipe e.g. "These biscuits were orginally made by my mother when we went camping on the holidays." or "My carbonara is requested every year by Hannah on her birthday."
Recipe notes (optional): Can the recipe be modified? e.g. "If adding pork mince, fry until cooked and then add to cooked noodles" or "Your favourite dried fruit can be mixed in prior to baking"
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