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Please fill in the fields below, complying with the models for each item. The presentation of the information is important to ensure the accuracy of the database. Please provide your address so that we may contact you in case we need to clarify any details.

Please make sure the publication you are referencing is a journal article (it does not matter if it is available in electronic format only).

Please note that we have separate google forms to be filled in for other publications:

Book chapters
Academic works (MA.s, Ph.D.s, and academic reports)
Entries in books of abstracts
Websites and blogs

Please note that this repository is for critical sources only, i.e., it is not supposed to include works of fiction.

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Bibliographical Reference

Author. "Title of the Article". Title of the Journal. Volume, Number (Date): Pages. Place of publication. Date

Jiménez, Jorge. Filosofía de ciudades imaginarias: ficción, utopía e historia. Revista de Filosofía de la Universidad de Costa Rica 44, número especial 113 (September-December 2006): 122-15. Diss. University of Costa Rica, 2003

1. Author(s)
Please follow the examples below. Please note that you need to use the symbols exactly as indicated in the examples
One author: Smith, John
Two authors: Smith, John#Logan, Patricia (please do not insert spaces nor commas between the names of different authors)
Three authors: Smith, John#Logan, Patricia#Smith, Joe
More than three authors: Please identify all the authors in the same manner as indicated above.

If the book has been published by a corporate author or organisation, please provide that information.
eg. Society for Utopian Studies.

If there is no author please write "No author"

1A. Author(s) *
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2. Title
Please provide the title and the subtitle following the model below.
eg. ARUS Biblography: An Overview

Section A asks for the title in the original language.

Section B asks for a translation into English in case the original language is different. This section is optional but it will allow the research function browse titles written in languages other than English.

2A. Title in the original language *
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2B. Translation of the title into English
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2.1 Journal Title
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Section A asks for the year of the copy you are reading.

Section B asks for the first date of publication of the journal, in case the article you are referencing has been republished.

In case you can not find a date, please write "No date" in section 3A.

3A. Date of the journal you are referencing *
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3B. Date of the first publication of the article
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4. Volume and Issue
Section A asks for the volume of the periodical.

Section B asks for the issue of the periodical

4A. Volume of the periodical
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4A. Issue of the periodical
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5. Language
Please indicate the original language of the periodical.

In case the article is published in more than one language please offer full information
Eg. "English and Portuguese", or "English, Portuguese and French". Please provide this information in English so that the research function may work properly.

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6. Pages
Please indicate the first and the last pages of the article.
Ex. "137-206"
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II - Additional Information on the journal article
The information we are asking for is crucial for the Lyman Tower Sargent Bibliography as it will not only provide complete information about the publications but will also enable a refined search by subject. This is especially important regarding works published in languages other than English, as the research function will work based on the keywords only. This is the reason why section 1 is compulsory.

Section 2 asks for a brief note on the contents. This is relevant particularly if the title does not adequately describe the material. This section is optional.

1. Please provide three keywords in English. Please note that these need to be separated by a # as in the following example: food#music#environment Please do not use "utopia" or "future" as keywords. *
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2. Please provide a brief note on the contents of the article.
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3. If available, please provide the URL or the description of the journal article.
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