Awesome Con 2019 Photo Shoots
We love our cosplayers and want to make your experience at Awesome Con even more memorable.

Want to stage a Star Wars vs. Star Trek brawl? Want a Batman family reunion? Want to gather all the Doctors across time and space? Fill out this form with your proposed photo shoot and we'll put it on our programming calendar so cosplayers across Awesome Con can attend!!

If you have any questions, please contact

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What fandom is your photo shoot for? *
Please only request one fandom per application. This can also be something as generic as "any superhero" or as specific as a "10th Doctors Only" photo shoot.
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What day is your photo shoot? *
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Estimated Attendance *
We know you don't know how many people will show up, but if you've been to these in the past, give us a good guess as to numbers.
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Do you want to hold this is our reserved photo shoot area? *
I understand this is an application only. Awesome Con will schedule as many photo shoots as it can into its cosplay photo shoot area, but I am not guaranteed a group photo shoot at Awesome Con. I understand that I and all cosplayers participating in my photo shoot need to buy an Awesome Con badge. *
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