Sponsor-STO Application-2018
Sponsor: By signing below you affirm that the Thespian below is qualified to apply for the Arizona Thespian State Student Board, AND your signature affirms that you are willing to serve ACTIVELY on the State Thespian Board for the 2018-2019 school year. This commitment requires that both you and your student attend Saturday meetings and participate in State Thespian Festival, Junior Thespian Festival and Leadership Camp duties. It is highly encouraged that new teachers or teachers who have never been on the board serve one year on the Thespian Board before having a STO. ALL SCHOOLS MAY ONLY HAVE TWO STUDENTS APPLY FOR THE STO BOARD. *
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Tentative Schedule Calendar dates for 2018-2019. All meetings, except Aug. 10, begin at 10:30am. Aug. 10 & 11 STO Retreat/State Board Meeting @ Mountain Pointe HS (overnight) Sept. 8 Board Meeting @ Desert Ridge HS Oct. 13 Board Meeting @ Desert Ridge HS Nov. 3 Board Meeting @ Desert Ridge HS Nov. 16-17 Thespian Festival - Phoenix Convention Center Jan. 6 Board Meeting - @ Campo Verde HS Feb. 9 Board Meeting @ Deer Valley HS Mar. 9 Board Meeting, Williams Field HS Apr. 13 Board Meeting @ Perry HS May 11 Board Meeting @ Sabino HS June 5 Board Meeting @ Desert Ridge HS July 9-12 - 13 Leadership Camp
I am willing to excuse my STO from technical workdays on the days that conflict with AZ Thespian meetings so they may be able to work on whichever upcoming event. *
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Being a State Student Officer takes all of the qualities listed above. Given your relationship with this student, please explain why you feel this student will or will not be a successful student officer. *
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