The Signature CEO Conference platform is the perfect opportunity to share your expertise with creative entrepreneurs from a diverse background of professions in the Washington, DC metro area and beyond. Our ideal Speaker is one who is an educator, trailblazer, influencer, and a successful entrepreneur for 5 plus years within or outside of the Creative Industry.

By completing our online application, you will be considered for either our ANNUAL in-person conference experience, or participate in our mini "Elevate in the Boardroom" series that are hosted either virtually or in-person.

Your input is valued and will be carefully considered and we will respond to your submission within (45) days of submission. We appreciate all submissions and if you are not selected for this upcoming program year, we welcome you to submit again for the following year.

Please complete the form below to submit your information and proposed topic details. If you have any questions, please contact us: info@thesignatureceo.com or (571) 402-4594.

NOTE: Before completing this application, please be sure to read our entire Speaker's Information Package - https://thesignatureceo.com/2020-2021-speaker-package/.

Should you be selected as a speaker, you agree to the following:
• Recording of your presentation
• A copy of your presentation will be provided to our attendees after the conference
• Usage of photos/video of you taken during your presentation
• Your presentation will NOT concentrate on creative artwork; the content must solely concentrate on business acumen and provide tangible actions for attendees as key take-aways
• Your presentation topic is one that has NOT been spoken to an audience within 12 months prior or after to The Signature CEO Conference.
• All "selected" speakers will receive a formal speaking agreement that must be signed by the Speaker and returned to the Conference Organizer.

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