SOCAN OA Monitoring and Facility Inventory
The Southeast Ocean and Coastal Acidification Network (SOCAN) is building an inventory of monitoring assets in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Eastern Florida. Inventorying the network of assets will facilitate an understanding of how current monitoring efforts can address science and stakeholder needs and provide the foundation for prioritizing investment in future infrastructure. Additionally, SOCAN hopes to build a Facilities Inventory, intended to enhance collaborative efforts among scientists studying ocean acidification throughout the Southeast. These inventories are designed to build a more cohesive effort in understanding ocean acidification in the Southeast and will ultimately be offered as an open access online portal.

1) Check the current list of assets and facilities ( that have been entered- don't see yours? Please continue!
2) Monitoring assets include any equipment (e.g. buoys) or effort (e.g. periodic sampling, surveys) measuring parameters of the carbonate system. Facilities include those equipped with the tools necessary to measure the carbonate system and/or conduct ocean acidification experiments.
3) Each asset can be entered either in the Google Sheet or in this form. If entering multiple assets or ship surveys, it may be easier to fill out the Google Sheet directly (
3) Please email with questions

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