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You are receiving this form as you may have expressed an interest in appearing as a guest on the podcast, 'Talk Truth with Mario Evon', and acts as our way of learning more about you, so that we (#TeamTalkTruth), can keep in contact and ascertain topics that are a good match for you and the show.

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Bear in mind as you respond to the questions below that Talk Truth is a space for open conversation under to theme of 'Inspir-Edu-Tainment', so can Inspire, Educate or Entertain in an honest and candid way without intentional offence or harm to any category of individual or entity.

Contact us at talktruthja@gmail.com with any topic ideas, feedback, suggestions, questions or concerns.
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List 3 topics that you would desire to Talk Truth about with the most important topic first.  Think of your most extreme life experience/encounter, something that you are very knowledgeable about, something that you are naive about and wish to seek more truth or anything else that you are passionate about. e.g. 1. Rape, 2. Agriculture, 3. Sex Toys.
Kindly indicate the days and times when you are available.  We prefer to record our episodes in person, so will need to arrange a time and location for recording e.g. Monday 3-5p, Tuesday 6-8p etc.
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Indicate your preferred Social Media platforms and associated names/handles.  Remember that you have the option to Talk Truth anonymously, or using a nickname if your voice is not being disguised.  The protection of our guests and the quality of our content is of dire importance to us.  Still drop us your social media info anyways just in case :)
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