Tri Scottsdale 2020 Membership Application
Please complete our application for 2020 Membership. Instructions to pay annual dues ($75) are sent 1-2 weeks after the application has been received.
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I have an Ironman profile set up, and Tri Scottsdale is my designated team. (This is NOT a requirement - for our information only. If you would like to affiliate with Tri Scottsdale, here is how you do that: )
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I would be interested in purchasing a swag package for 2020 (a package including a shirt and a number of other team items for $20-$30).
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I am interested in the coached program for 2020. Please send me more information regarding my preferred program.
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Please register me as a 2020 annual member of Tri Scottsdale (active January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020) and bill me $75 for annual membership dues. I understand that my registration is conditional upon acceptance of my application, my acceptance of the below-noted waiver, and the payment of membership dues per the instructions of the club. *
I hereby accept the terms and conditions of the Tri Scottsdale WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT by typing my full name at the bottom of this form. *
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Optional: 2019 Award Nominations: Please help us come up with our nominations for 2019 Awards that will be voted on by the membership and presented at the year end party! Categories (separate awards for male and female athletes) are: 1. Most Improved Athlete; 2. Rookie of the Year; 3. Best Smile; 4.Volunteer of the Year; 5. Best Dancer; 6. Most Spirit/ Best Cheerleader; 7. Short Course Speedster; 8. Long Course Speedster. Please provide us with as many nominations as you would like in each category below. We will present the top 5 in each category for voting.
Board Nomination - I would like to join the Board of Directors. Please provide the following statement to the voting membership to support my nomination. I understand that my name will be added to the ballot and voted on in December in accordance with Tri Scottsdale's bylaws.
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