Therapist Application
These are basic questions that help me get a better sense of your professional background and clinical style. Being honest and open is what I appreciate the most when reading these answers!
What license do you hold?
Briefly explain your experience working with eating disorders.
Where are you currently employed?
What do you enjoy most about being a therapist?
What do you dislike most about being a therapist?
What days and hours are you hoping to see clients?
What other clinical speciality areas do you have interest in other than eating disorders?
Do you like working with adolescents and children?
Clear selection
What is the minimum amount you are hoping to make in this position?
How would you describe your personality?
What kind of clients do you work best with? What would an ideal client look like for you?
As a therapist, how do you focus on self-care?
What's your ideal working environment?
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