Difficulties in financial execution of FCT projects
This is a survey for Researchers that are either Principal Investigators or Co-Principal Investigators of the 2017 FCT call of research projects.
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For PI's / co-PI's of 2017 FCT projects
We have received some emails from members, concerned about FCT stand on the requirement to spend at least 15% each 6 months (exceptionally expanded to 12 months, in the first year of the project). ANSWER THIS SECTION ONLY IF YOU ARE A PI or Co-PI of an ongoing FCT research project.
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Were you able to submit the 15% total expense refund request on the first six months of the project?
Are you now in conditions to submit the first 15% total expense refund (after 1 year of project)
If you are having problems in executing the 15% of total expense, please select what are the reasons contributing to this issue:
Which of the above you think contributes mostly to the delay in presenting the 15% of total expense
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