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This survey lets us know what kinds of courses to build and who is interested in them. If you indicate that you are interested in a course, you will be notified as it is being built and when it goes live.

We may reach out for further information and to better understand how we can serve you.

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Our classes include prerecorded videos and transcripts to explain the concepts, worksheets and tools for you to apply them to your situation, and live Q+A sessions with peers and Strategy Made Simple staff to explore the topics further and connect with other social entrepreneurs. All Q+A sessions for a course will be recorded and accessible to everyone who has signed up for the course.

The courses listed below have not yet been created but we gauge interest to determine which courses to make next.
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Find Your Ideal Customers (Value Proposition Design and Product-Market Fit)
Marketing Without being Scummy (Marketing Essentials)
Pick Prices Without Guessing (Pricing Strategy)
Going from Idea to Social Enterprise
Make Informed Business Decisions (Market Research Basics)
Sales for Non-Profit Managers
Financing, Credit, and Debt (Using financing responsibly to accelerate growth)
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