PSS League Director Questionnaire
Wanna make some extra cash? Get paid to play Sports and make new friends! Check out below:

Planet Social Sports League is looking for energized and sociable part-time League Coordinator to manage our sports teams! Get paid to play!

Job Description:

-Available to attend all games (in your assigned sport) and social events/parties (1-3 times a week depending on sport)
-Promote and sign up players for your league through social media and field work
-Be the point of contact for players and maintain a positive relationship with players in your league
-Attend weekly meetings, phone meetings
-Flexible hours (10-15 hours/week)
-Work remotely (Games/Sponsor bars located mainly within West Los Angeles Area)
-Get paid while playing soccer, softball, kickball, football, and more

This part-time position is ideal for dynamic sport enthusiasts who are customer service oriented with excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills. Our League Coordinators should also be out-going, self-sufficient, reliable, and own a vehicle. Those with marketing and/or promotional experience are preferred.
Be part of a great team, get active, and make some new friends!

Check us out at:

Compensation: $15 an hour / or HIGH Comissions and growing incentives
Once hired, $250 BONUS "finders fee" if you refer someone we end up hiring. Referral will also receive $250 BONUS.

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5-10 hours per week, nights and weekends required
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