World Centric Impact Giving - Organization Submission Form
Thank you for considering World Centric as a partner to increase your impact! We look for organizations that have a significant positive impact in providing basic needs for their communities and environment, while making the most efficient and effective use of funding to achieve those results.

We prioritize projects that work with impoverished communities to provide basic needs in the following areas:

:: Clean Water
:: Economic Development
:: Education
:: Food Security
:: Forest Preservation & Replanting
:: Health Care
:: Low Carbon Cookstoves
:: Sanitation

Through our giving, we hope to not only provide assistance but help create systems change at the root of these issues.

To submit your organization to be considered for funding please answer all the questions to the best of your ability. Submissions with questions unanswered will score lower and likely not pass qualification. Please keep your answers to each question short and to the point. Follow the guidelines for length and example answers. If we need more information we will contact you.

World Centric provides funding for projects that meet specific criteria aligned with the impact we hope to have in the world. We do not typically donate to the general fund of a non-profit. We look for projects that have a significant positive impact in providing basic needs for communities and the environment, while making the most efficient and effective use of funding to achieve those results.

:: Basic needs infrastructure such as food systems, clean water, shelter, emergency relief, education (women+girls), health :: care, sanitation, economic development, agriculture, and energy
:: Multiple impact areas (social, ecological, economic) with a preference for ecosystemic approach
:: Preference for basic technology that is locally sourced
:: Low administrative overhead
:: Short timeline to impact
:: Need for funding
:: A 501c3 non-profit registered in the USA or affiliated with such

To summarize, we are looking for projects with high impact in areas of greatest need with a preference for systemic approaches and local community empowerment and engagement.

Examples of past giving are here:

World Centric staff periodically review organization submissions. Qualifying organizations will be contacted to submit specific projects proposals.

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This is, of course, a subjective score. Use your best guess at what you sense the impact to be. Some examples include; providing clean water or food to people in need would be very high impact, producing an educational video that gets someone to enact a positive change would be a normal or good impact.
Basic Needs Impact Area *
Select the impact area that most closely relates to this organization. If the organization has multiple project areas, select the one you deem to be of highest impact for scoring purposes. If there is no appropriate impact area listed, please add one in comments/suggestion with a score from 1-10 as your estimate of how high impact that area is, 10 being highest.
Timeline to Impact *
Asses the timeline from when funding is received until when a noticeable impact will be realized. If it is uncertain, make your best guess based on historical observations of the organizations work.
Overhead *
Enter the amount the organization spends on overhead as a percentage of total budget as compared to direct program costs.
Multiple Impact Areas
Select the number of impact areas the organization is involved with. If you are taking an ecosystemic approach to creating deeper impact than could be achieved with separate areas, then select the number of programs "+ecosystem approach". An example would be organization dedicated to empowering women that engages in providing education, health care, and micro finance loans all for women.
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Select the option closest to the salary of the Executive Director of the organization.
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Select the option closest to the annual budget of the organization.
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