Winter Sports Announcers
Hello! For the winter sports season, we are looking for 2-4 REGULAR announcers to volunteer at home games for each sport, primarily basketball and soccer. These announcers will be able to schedule which games they want to announce at, allowing some flexibility and the ability to announce at various events. Please do not fill out this form if you are unable to regularly attend after school sports events.

The primary responsibilities for announcers include announcing rosters at the start of games and depending on availability, remaining at games to announce goals, leading scorers, halftime statistics, etc. For reference, basketball games are usually at 5 or 7 PM, while soccer games are at 3:15 or 5 PM.

After you express your interest through this form, you will be emailed a time for your audition, which will take place during lunch the week of 12/2. This audition will simply assess how fit your voice and enunciation is for this position in order to ensure that people attending the games enjoy your announcing and can understand you clearly.

Thank you for expressing your interest! We look forward to speaking with you soon :) - Emily and Ronnie
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