Promotion Campaign
NOTE: This is part of the webGold Airdrop Campaign, don't miss the opportunity to join! Extra BIG Prizes for Donators.
Over 1,000 people took part in the Airdrop just within a few days.

Join our Promotion Campaign and help us build the WRIO Internet OS community.

Get Extra WGD:
Ambassador Campaign
As it took just a few days for our Whitelist to be filled up with investors contributing $50,000 and more, the webRunes Team launched an additional campaign for webGold allocation to avoid a situation, when the tokens will be distributed only to a small group of major investors.

Bitcointalk Feedback Campaign
Send your comments, thoughts, opinion or feedback in the ANN thread to get extra WGD!
Interesting question or useful feedback can be rewarded with up to 50 WGD.. or higher :-)

Want even more WGD? Join our Bounty Campaign!

ANN Thread:
WRIO Internet OS Hub:
White Paper:
Crowdsale Registration:

Through sharing and promoting WRIO Internet OS on all social media outlets, you will get webGold (WGD) for every like, share, repost and comment.

Please pull information from the WRIO Internet OS White Paper here or from the hub and include the Crowdsale Registration form

Replace in the link with your email address. Everyone who follows the link will get a +1% WGD bonus, and you will receive 1% of the order.

Campaign earnings:
x10 WGD per activity: like, share/retweet/repost and comment (MIN 25 activity · MAX 250 activity)

Check the status of your application here

Social media post URLs *
WARNING: We pay once per each post, so be sure you have enough likes, shares, reposts and comments for the total amount of at least 25 activity.
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Do not use exchange addresses! Otherwise you will lose your WGD.
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