Raising Playful Tots- Spring Survey
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What do you want  to know more about with under 5 play?
List as many things that come to mind that you are curious about...looks interesting...worth investigating...dreams:)
Always nice to know your name :)
I find out about the newest show via *
Check all that apply
Age groups of your children *
Check all that apply
How would you describe yourself? *
Teacher, At home mum, Student, homeschooler, full or part time work, Grandmother, Educator, consultant, Mom, Dad etc.?
I've listened to an episode more than once. If yes, please say which show( name or number)  in the Other category *
My favourite shows are the ones on *
Feel free to comment on format or type of show. List examples if necessary e.g. Sensory play, back to school, mums talking to mums, expert advice, sharing, babies etc..
If you have a specific question you'd like to ask or comment feel free to jot it down here
What aspects of play do you struggle with right now? *
E.g. structuring my time for play, play with multiple aged children, partner and I have conflicts about play approaches, girls who want to only play with dolls, finding playdate activities, housing all these toys, not being angry and frustrated
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