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Per FERPA, please use your work (school) email when filling this form out.

Please fill out the information below and click on the "Submit" button. Request an ESS interpreter at least seven (7) business days prior to the meeting/event. CLSO staff will confirm the request with the contact person listed below.

We will accommodate short notice requests (same day or less than two business days notice) based on availability and level of urgency, for such requests please call Abigail Molina, Student Language Services Coordinator, at 303-326-4463 or X: 27828.

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Please only use this section to provide information about the meeting that may be helpful for the interpreter to know before arriving to the meeting. If a call to the family needs to be made, please use the TeleLanguage or CTS Language Link (phone interpretation) services provided by an account created by your school. If additional support is needed please contact Abigail Molina at X: 27828. Thank you!
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