Marketing Effectiveness Discovery Survey
This short survey is conducted to find out more about marketer's needs for support with increasing marketing effectiveness. How would marketing accountability help them to present marketing's added value to the company's bottom line? Are you as a senior marketer (CMO, Manager, Director, business owner) or brand manager interested in 'getting back to the boardroom' and to (re)build the appreciation for marketing?
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1a. What is your title? *
Please enter here what your (marketing) role is within your company.
1b. Please indicate your marketing budget (equivalent in US dollars) *
2. How satisfied are you about marketing’s results in your organization in general? *
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Very Satisfied
3. How satisfied are you about marketing’s ability to present their results for Above The Line (mass media) campaigns? *
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Very Sastified
4. How satisfied are you about marketing’s ability to present their results for Below The Line (personalized media) campaigns? *
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Very Satisfied
5. Which tool in respect to reporting Marketing Performance is used in your company? *
6. How is the marketing budget set? *
7. How important is presenting (fact based) marketing results to you? *
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Very Important
8. What would being responsible AND accountable for the marketing budget mean to you? *
Please describe the difference for you personally and professionally between being able to present Marketing ROI or an overview where marketing's budget was spend.
9. What do you need to increase marketing effectiveness (even more)? *
10. What do you consider to be the most important driver(s) to introduce 'accountable marketing' in your organization? *
Thank you so much for your kind cooperation!
Please send me your e-mail address when you would like to receive a (free) copy of the outcomes.
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