'Heal With Us' Summit Registration
Decolonizing Wealth Project is honored to offer a day of healing and regeneration for White-Identified Fundraisers who are dedicated to liberating capital and radically redistributing wealth!

When/Where: The Summit will take place over Zoom on Thursday, April 20th beginning @ 9 am PST / 12 pm EST.

Length: The Summit will close by 2 pm PST / 5 pm EST.

Session Flow: Opening ceremony will begin promptly at 9 am Pacific / 12 pm Eastern, followed by a set of concurrent breakout sessions facilitated by a collective of skilled and experienced healers.

Format: Breakout sessions may be conducted in small groups or one-on-one. Participants will be assigned breakout sessions upon arrival.

Registration Deadline: Friday, April 6th at 8 pm EST.

Fee to Attend: $100 - $300 (assistance is available if needed)

Space is limited, and registration fills quickly. We encourage those who are interested to register early.

Notifications will only be sent to registrants who are accepted into the summit.

Have questions? Send us a message at healwithus@decolonizingwealth.com 
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By completing and submitting this registration form and/or attending the “Heal With Us” Summit, I commit and agree to the following: I embrace my responsibility as my own best care provider. I accept full responsibility for all outcomes of my experience and embrace my own power and self-determination. I understand that the single healing session I will be receiving during the summit, cannot substitute for consistent and dedicated care from a health or healing professional.I will recognize and express my own inner knowledge and intuitions when needed and appropriate. I will build an honest and receptive relationship with the practitioners I see during the summit. I will hold as confidential everything that is shared over the course of the summit. I understand that these sessions are not a mental health or medical treatment, nor are they a substitute for ongoing mental health or medical treatment, and I further understand that the sessions are not intended to diagnose or treat a disease or condition. I will share my needs and experience with my practitioner and/or summit coordinators in a timely, honest way- including if I am uncomfortable with any practice, suggestion, or any other offerings from the practitioner or other summit participants. I hereby release Decolonizing Wealth Project and its fiscal sponsor, agents, contractors, as well as all practitioners, coordinators, and volunteers involved in my experience from any and all liability for complications, unplanned outcomes, or any other issue which may arise as a result of my choice to participate in this summit.
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