Book Blast with Reviews - Sex and the City Plotholes by Nicole Taylor
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Release Date: March 19, 2020
Genre/s: Non-Fiction, Humor
Trope/s: TV Plot and Character Flaws
Themes: TV Series Satire
Heat Rating: 0 flames - No sexual content.
Length: 65 000 words/ 206 pages
It is a standalone book.

Mobi, Epub, and PDF ARCs are available now for reviewers.


“SATC is my religion, so I’m offended by this book. But fuck, it’s funny.” - Dario Holley, Gay Icon


"I couldn't help but wonder....". If you cringed while watching Sex and the City but still can't get enough of it, this is the book for you. A modern recap of this iconic television series, for diehard Sex and the City addicts.

"Sex and the City Plotholes" is a dryly hilarious summary of each of the ninety-four episodes and two movies of Sex and The City, an enormously popular American romantic comedy-drama which ran from 1998 to 2004. The show was ground-breaking in many ways. It introduced many plot features which had never been seen so openly on mainstream television, including sexual promiscuity, non-standard relationships, coarse language, fetishes, and homosexuality, to name a few. Enjoy discovering the multitude of flaws in the plotlines and characters, explored through the more politically correct 21st century lens.

Included are several “top ten” lists covering such subjects as “Ten Worst Dates” and “Ten Unresolved Plotlines”. You'll also find Inane Dialogue, Miranda Moments and Best Quotes throughout.

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