General and Classical Production Class Registration Form 2020
Please use this online form to register for production classes in 2020 with the Beau-Rock Ballet School.
Each production class is based on age taken at 1st January 2020.
Students MUST be enrolled in CLASSICAL BALLET, SENIOR JAZZ or SENIOR CONTEMPORARY at the Beau-Rock Ballet School to register for General Production Classes.
General Production Classes involve the preparation of troupe and gala performances in a variety of styles. Most often the work involves contemporary and jazz routines, however we sometimes choose classical, lyrical or song & dance styles depending on the group's abilities and interests. These decisions will be made in consultation with the students and their teachers at the beginning of the year.

Fee Structure 2020
All production classes have a fixed fee of $200 per term. Family and multiple-class discounts do not apply to this fee.
Students participating in two GENERAL production classes only pay a $20 per term administration fee for the second class.

In 2020, we will again be running a separate Classical Production class for any student under the age of 13 currently studying classical (at least two classes per week). Please select this option in the relevant section below if interested. This class will focus on the development of a classical troupe for performance at competitions.
Eisteddfod Information - NOTE CHANGES FOR 2020
Students will be entered for three eisteddfods in 2020. You must be available for all three events in order to register.
1. SFD Competitions - first week of term 2 holidays (all troupes, solos and duo/trios)
2. Southern Dance Festival - September 13th and first weekend of September holidays (TROUPES ONLY)
3. Casey Comps - first four weekends in term 4 (all troupes, solos and duo/trios)
Please ensure you are available to compete at the three eisteddfods listed above. Tick the box below to indicate you have read and understood the requirements. *
Student Information
This information will be used for communication and competition entries. Please ensure that all details entered are correct.
Name *
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Email (parent/student) *
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Birthday (dd/mm/yyyy) *
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Age at 1st January 2020 *
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Class Information
Students must register for the production class appropriate for their age.
Age is taken from the 1st January 2020.
Beginner Production: Under 10yrs
Junior Production: Under 13yrs
Intermediate Production: Under 17yrs
Senior Production: Open Age
Classical Production: Multi-Age (12yrs & Under)
General Production Class: *
Classical Production Class:
Application for two General Production Classes
Some students may choose to be involved in two General Production Classes, both their own age group and the age group above. You must compete in your own age group and may be considered for entry into the age group above, depending on class size, class schedules and age/ability.
Note: There are no class fees for participation in a second General Production class, only a $20 per term administration fee to cover costume and hall rental.
Would you like to be considered for entry into the Production Class above your own age group? Make sure you have read the conditions above. *
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