Town of Pendleton Refuse Survey
Thank you for taking time to complete this survey. The purpose of this survey is to gauge residents' thoughts on possible money saving changes to the refuse collection system. Currently, weekly garbage collection is scheduled where each resident uses their own garbage can or garbage bag. A possible opportunity exists to save money by switching to uniform Town-provided refuse bins. Additionally, all residents are currently allowed to place large objects (like furniture) roadside with their refuse each week. It is also possible to save money by limiting this type of large trash collection to once a month. Please answer the following questions related to this topic.
Sample Large and Small Refuse Totes
Part 1 - Replace the use of garbage cans and bags with refuse bins.
Each address may be allowed one or multiple refuse bins, as has been done with the recycling bin initiative.
Would you be willing to switch to a Town-provided refuse bin and only use that refuse bin? *
Part 2 - Limit large trash collection to once a month.
Would you be willing to change the current refuse collection system from weekly LARGE trash collection (e.g. furniture) to once each month? NOTE: regular refuse collection will continue with weekly pick-up. *
Part 3 - Optional
As we compile survey responses, it may be helpful to know approximately what part of town responses are coming from and we also value your feedback. The questions below are optional.
What road do you live on? (Optional - do NOT include your address number, only the road name.)
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Thank you for taking time to complete this survey!
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