GGWash Breakfast Links Curator Interest Form
The Greater Greater Washington community needs a new Breakfast Links curator!

We're looking for someone who can spend +/-1.5 hours every week "curating" our daily Breakfast Links post. This involves finding 7-10 articles that would be of interest to our readers (typically articles on local planning, transportation, housing, development, and education-oriented issues), summarizing the article in 2 sentences, writing a pithy headline and tweet to go along with each article, and submitting by 7:00 am on the day of publication.

We're currently looking for someone to do Tuesday morning's Breakfast Links (submit them by 7:00 am on Tuesday mornings). But, this may be flexible, so if you can't do Tuesdays, please indicate your availability in the form.

Please complete this brief form to indicate your interest and then complete and submit the assignment at the bottom of this form by 11:59pm on Sunday, 10/15/17!
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