2021-22 S.A.L.T. (Student Adult Leadership Team) Application
S.A.L.T. is a committee of students (7th-12th grade) and adults. SALT evaluates the Student Ministry events and programs plus we take responsibility for student activities. Each grade has a representative of peers on this team along with the student minister and adult Student Advisory committee. Students seek to share not only your view of things, but also the opinions of your peers. This team is the pulse of our student ministry. We will meet approximately 6 times during the year. It is a commitment for each person to be present at the meetings and to find a sub if you must miss. SALT members need to encourage other students to be involved.

A student wishing to be a representative on S.A.L.T. should meet the following criteria:
1. Actively following Christ
2. Attend and participate regularly: Connect Groups, Sun. worship, Crosstraining, & Discipleship classes
3. Participate faithfully in the student ministry and church life.
4. Submit application form in time.
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