BOUNCE Registration 2019
We are excited that you are interested in joining BOUNCE 2019 to help mobilize your students to be on mission!

Below you will need your church information, group leaders information, total number of expected participants (students and adults) you will be bringing to the mission, and a decision on the mission for which you are registering. You will need to complete one registration per mission - if you are registering for a Spring Break Mission and a Summer Mission, you will need to complete two separate registration forms. Please note: Locations may be subject to change.

Once you complete registration, you will be emailed with further details. It is important that you read all the information below and in the email that follows after you register. We look forward to serving with you!

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BOUNCE Fee Schedule:
• $50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit (per person) due JANUARY 15, for ALL Missions. Invoices will be sent. If registering after January 15, you will be invoiced, and deposits will be due when invoice is received.
• $229 NON-REFUNDABLE balance (per person) due MAY 1 for June Missions / JUNE 1 for July Missions*
• $90 NON-REFUNDABLE balance (per person) due FEBRUARY 15 for Spring Break Missions*

* Please note: only pay the final balance for participants who will be attending as refunds will not be available after participant list is finalized. Lists must be finalized no later than 1 week prior to mission. Your final number of participants may vary from the original number of BOUNCE Spots Requested above.

Click here for detailed payment instructions:

BOUNCE Agreement:
I understand it is my responsibility to prepare my students and adults for participation in a BOUNCE Mission using the preparation materials provided by BOUNCE.

My church will bring one adult female (21 years-of-age or older) for every 5 female students, and one adult male (21 years-of-age or older) for every 5 male students.

My church will conduct Criminal Background Checks and screen each participant (age 18 years and older) we bring and will provide a confirmation of Background Checks to BOUNCE upon arrival at the Mission on the confirmation form provided by BOUNCE. Additionally, my church will provide email addresses for all participants age 18 years of age and older, including students and adults, using the form provided by BOUNCE, in order to conduct MinistrySafe Certification. Information regarding access procedures to Ministry Safe Certification will be provided to Group Leaders upon receipt of deposits.

I understand I will provide transportation for my students and adults to the BOUNCE Mission, and my transportation will be used to transport BOUNCE Mission teams during the mission.

I understand that participants must have medical insurance to participate with BOUNCE. As such, I understand that BOUNCE, Texas Baptists, or the church/school housing participants are not financially responsible for any BOUNCE participant who is injured or becomes ill at the BOUNCE Mission. I understand that I, the Group Leader, have primary responsibility for the medical care and distribution of any prescription medications for my group members. If a participant does not have medical insurance, and I agree they can come with my church, my church or the participant is responsible to provide short term medical insurance for them at no cost to BOUNCE or its affiliates.

I also understand that BOUNCE is a disaster response/community rehabilitation mission experience or a Church Planting missions experience. As such, for all BOUNCE Summer Missions, students need to be at least 12 years-of-age and have completed 6th grade to attend. For Spring Break Missions, students need to be at least 11 years-of-age and currently be in 6th grade to attend. No exceptions.

I understand deposits must be paid promptly on JANUARY 15 and are NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE toward final balances. I further understand remaining balances are due MAY 1 for June Missions, June 1 for July Missions, and February 15 for Spring Break Missions. If registering for a BOUNCE Mission after January 15, I understand that my deposit must be paid promptly upon receiving my invoice. I further understand that I must finalize my number of participants at least 1 week before my mission starts and will not be able to receive a refund for participants not able to attend after this point.

Click this link to download a copy of this agreement:

I agree to the BOUNCE guidelines stated above. *
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