Dream Center Academy Middle School Teacher Employment Application

Application Due: March 17, 2017

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Dream Center Academy middle-school teacher! Teaching at Dream Center Academy is a year-long commitment. Dream Center Academy teachers work full-time in the summer, creating lesson plans, teaching their own classes and working collaboratively with other teachers to engage and inspire students to gain academic skills and take ownership over their own education. Summer Academy teachers teach a core class, a small reading group, and an elective each day. Teachers are provided a daily 45-minute planning period, as well. Summer Academy operates Monday – Friday from 7:45am-3:15pm. There are faculty meetings once a week until 4pm.

During the academic school year, Dream Center Academy teachers work part-time with students after school. Teachers lead a study skills session, supervise a recreation period, provide intervention or enrichment, and lead an enrichment club each day Monday - Thursday. On Fridays, teachers lead an intramural team in activities. Once per month, teachers attend a Community Day. Teachers also responsible for communicating monthly with their students’ families.

Teaching at Dream Center Academy is a great opportunity for college students aspiring to be teachers. The Academy offers summer and year-round after-school employment opportunities while providing on-the-job-training for becoming a teacher.