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We want to tailor our professional development to the needs of the teachers in your school/district. Please help by completing the form and sharing details about the transformation of technology instruction at the school/district.
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In regards to integrating 21st Century skills into daily instruction, where would you rank your school as a whole? *
20th Century - paper, pencils, teacher delivering information and using the technology
21st Century - students using technology for communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity
In terms of integrating technology into instruction, I think most of the teachers at my school are... *
Based on your observations of teacher instruction at this school/district, how would you rate the teachers' integration of the NC Information and Technology Essential standards at this school? *
The Information and Technology Essential Standards are not being integrated.
Teachers are Rock Stars at integrating the Information and Technology Essential Standards!
What technology do the majority of teachers have access to use in the classroom? *
Check all that apply.
Professional Development for teachers at this school is MOST effective when... *
Please let any factor(s) that have contributed to the success of previous PD sessions at your school.
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How would the majority of teachers within the school/district define instructional technology integration? *
What is your vision of technology professional development for the teachers at this school/district? *
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What technology training topics would best support teachers in the school/district?
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