HackNC 2020 Incident Report Form
At HackNC, it is a crucial aspect of our mission to embrace and promote inclusivity, accessibility, & ethicality. All participants are expected to respect both our and MLH's Code of Conduct in order to facilitate a positive hackathon experience! Please help us out by notifying a director if you witness or experience violations of either Code of Conduct:

HackNC Code of Conduct (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fMsnbsH5JNWX2GSfM0lhNx03lXRlSDAF/view?usp=sharing)
MLH Code of Conduct (https://mlh.io/code-of-conduct)

A violation of any code of conduct will result in a disqualification and immediate removal from the event and a permanent ban on all future events hosted by HackNC. Violation will also result in further consequences with MLH.

Points of Contact:
MLH Incidents Hotline - Email: incidents@mlh.io / Phone #: +1 (409) 202-6060
Anuhya from MLH (she/her/hers) - Discord: @Anuhya#0358 (preferred)
Cynthia Dong (she/her/hers) - Discord: @cynthia#8261 (preferred) / Phone #: (910) 599-5716
Nikhil Vytla (he/him/his) - Discord: @Nikhil Vytla#8687 (preferred) / Phone #: (669) 204-6198
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