Howl At The Moon "Call For Artist" 2020
Form for interested participants.
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Before continuing, there are certain requirements that must be met and agreed upon in order to be considered to participate in this festival. The first requirement is that the artist have a social media following of at least 1,000 followers. The second requirement is that the artist has to agree to share the promotional flyer on their pages to engage their following. The third requirement is that the artist must agree to allow the media submitted (photos & videos) and captured at this event to be used by the organizers and owners of the media for promotional and informative purposes. Do you meet and agree to the requirements? *
How did you hear about performing at the Howl At The Moon Indie Music Festival? *
Artist/Band Name? *
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This festival is going to be done virtually, which gives you the option of meeting up on a day for us to record you live, or you just submitting a recording of your performance. Are you planning to submit a video recording or will you come to the live taping? *
Are you signed to a Label? *
If the answer above was signed to a label, please provide the name and contact information for the label to be contacted. (Otherwise type N/A.) *
Do you own the rights to your music? (If your answer is no, provide the owner of the music in the next question.) *
Who owns the rights to the music? (If this doesn't apply, type N/A.) *
Do you have an EPK? *
Provide a link to a photo of you or your band below. *
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this submission form. I'm sure you are wondering what will be happening next. Well, once your submission is received it will be looked at and processed through being approved or denied. Contact will be made to you in either case to make sure that you are informed of your standings in this festival. This will be completed far enough in advanced time of the festival dates in order for you to prepare. The dates of this festival will run from December 4th through the 6th. Do you understand the next steps? *
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