WindowSpace "Micro Galleries" Request Form (Artists)
Thanks for being interested in the Creative Geelong Makers Hub project.

This form is used to collect information regarding the display of your creative works such as overall theme, window preferences, prices and artist information.

If you have any queries, please contact us at

Name *
Contact Number *
Email address *
Profile Picture
If you would like an image of yourself/business logo displayed on your artist card, please upload one here. The image should be square but it will be cropped and displayed in a circle on a white background. The image should be at least 300x300 pixels but 600x600 pixels is preferred.
Social Media Links
If you want us to include any links to your website or social accounts, please link them here. Only vanity URLs will be used - e.g. ✔️ vs. ❌ or
Display brief/concept: *
e.g. What is the theme of your work? Is it to do with a particular location? A particular world issue? Just a showcase of your works? etc.
Artist Statement *
This will be the text that accompanies your contact information at the front of the display window. Consider using this space for introductions (such as yourself, your work, your theme, etc). Please try to keep it under 150 words, with a maximum of 300 words.
Window Preferences *
Each window within the Makers Hub is assigned a number. You are encouraged to visit the Makers Hub to determine which windows suit your needs. Please indicate your preferred window numbers here in order of preference. e.g. "3/1/2" for Window 3, then Window 1, then Window 2.
Sample images of work *
Please attach images that show examples of the work to be displayed. Audio/video can be provided below.
List of works
Please include a list of works (each on a new line) to be displayed in the following format: "<TITLE> (<MEDIUM>, <WIDTH>x<HEIGHT>) - <PRICE>" e.g. "Sunrise over Geelong Pier (Watercolor on Canvas, 48x12in) - $150"
Audio/Video Links
If you have any audio/video you would like to add to this application or show in the powered displays, please provide links to YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc.
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