Vital Vittles Application Section
This is the supplement portion of the Vital Vittles application. You MUST submit the general section of the application as well as this supplement in order to be considered.

Students of Georgetown, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. The Corp and its services are not an enterprise of Georgetown University.

The application process is anonymous. Those involved in the hiring process will not be given names, email addresses, or any other identifying information. Please do not include names or identifying information in essay answers.

If you have any questions about the application process, email
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1. Vittles is the Flagship service of the Corp, and our motto is "Don’t Give Up the Ship." What is something you care about and would never give up? Why? *
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2. Vittles is a type of family, made up of people from many different places and backgrounds. Tell us about a community that’s important to you. What do you bring to it? How has it shaped you?
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3. If you could have any job in the world, paycheck and talent aside, what would you do and what would you hope to gain from it?
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