Educational Visit Consent Form
Once completed and signed, this form gives parental consent for the named pupil to attend all low risk educational visits, day trips and off-site sporting activities throughout the academic year.
IMPORTANT: No pupil will be allowed to attend any visit/activity unless this information/consent form has been fully completed and submitted.
You will be informed of the detail of each visit by letter at the appropriate time. All residential/overseas visits or visits involving higher risk activities will require a further specific consent form to be completed. Please note any activities that will, or might, involve swimming (e.g. sailing) will also require separate consent.
Pupil's forename *
Pupil's surname *
Date of birth *
Please note: 1. Where medication is required, an adequate amount for the entire visit must be provided in its original packaging, labelled with the pupil’s name, the name of the medication, the condition which it treats and the appropriate dosage. 2. If specific advice needs to be followed in an emergency, these details and a doctor’s letter, confirming the treatment, and fitness to participate in the individual visit must be provided.
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