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Please fill out this request form with information about the video you would like added to the Rutgers YouTube channel.
General video information
What would you like the title of the video to be?
This is the main text that goes above the video.
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What would you like the description of the video to be?
This is the secondary text that goes below the video on the viewing page.
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Would you like the description to link to a specific website?
If you haven't already included it in the previous question, we'll add your link to the end of the description. For example "" or ""
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How would you like us to tag the video?
Keyword tags help categorize videos on YouTube by subject. For example, videos might be tagged "Computer Science" or "Douglass College".
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Should the video be public?
When should this video be made available on the YouTube channel?
How long should the video be available?
If other, please provide a specific date the video should be removed.
Will a thumbnail image be provided for this video?
YouTube will automatically select a frame from the video for its thumbnail image. Some people prefer to provide a specific image.
Video delivery information
How will you deliver the video to OIRT?
Google Drive, Dropbox, or web links are all acceptable. If you do not have an electronic version you must explain how you will get us the video file.
Provide the link to the video or your plan to send the video file
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