GAINS Application 19-20
Please read over this information before starting this application. Note: Pages 3 to 5 of this application require parent approval.

GAINS is a special program where young women are encouraged through a variety of opportunities to learn about future careers, visit colleges, and receive information on many extra opportunities. To get the most out of your time in GAINS it is important that you and your parent or guardian understand the responsibilities of each GAINS member. When each GAINS member holds themselves to these expectations, all will benefit from a smoother program and much more personal success. Please read the criteria for GAINS membership and talk about it with your parent, so that both of you truly understand what it takes to have great success in the GAINS program. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Candace Heath at (408) 423-3213 / or Yvonne Park at (408) 423-3217/ Thank you for your interest in GAINS, all of us look forward to a great year together.

Attendance Requirements
GAINS members must have 100% attendance at the monthly meetings. A member can be excused with 1 day notice to the advisor at your school.
GAINS members must have 100% attendance at the speaker meetings. A member can be excused with 1 day notice to the advisor at your school.
GAINS members must attend at least 2 special GAINS events within the school year. This is in addition to the monthly meetings and speaker meetings.
GAINS members must attend any fieldtrip they sign up for or let the advisor know three days in advance of the fieldtrip, if they need to cancel their attendance. If a member signs up but does not attend she will not be eligible for future fieldtrips.
General Requirements:
GAINS members will assist in community service activities.
GAINS members will treat other members, teachers, and guests to the program with respect.

I have read and I agree with these requirements in order to remain in good standing as a member of the GAINS program. I understand that if I, the member, do not meet these requirements, the advisors and the district coordinator will speak with me and I will be put on probation status for one quarter. If my attendance does not improve and we cannot work out a plan for me to be successful with the requirements, I will no longer be a GAINS member.
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