The Curious Kids Gives Back Book Program!
The Curious Kids Series is a new series developed by author, Chelsea Falin. It is a series of picture books that teach kids fun, interesting facts about things they're naturally curious about.

The Curious Kids Gives Back Program is a program designed to promote literacy among local and at-risk children. It's simple. Just check you meet the basic requirements, fill out the form, and get placed on the list!

For every ten paperback books sold in the series, one book will be donated COMPLETELY FREE to a child on this list. The books are sent out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Children are never removed from the list. If the list has been circulated through and there are more books to giveaway, the list will begin again at the top of the list.

To be eligible for the program, you must either:
(A) live in one of the "local" areas described below,
(B) your child must attend a Title I funded school district,
(C) live on a federal or state-recognized Native American Reservation, or
(D) live in a rural town with less than 100 residents.

Eligibility requirements may be expanded to include more local and/or at-risk children who may have difficulties establishing literacy due to financial or accessibility restrictions.

"Local" areas currently being accepted include:
-Cape May County, New Jersey
-Cumberland County, New Jersey
-Pasco County, Florida
-Hernando County, Florida
-Fayette County, West Virginia
-Calhoun County, West Virginia

This program is open to all children meeting the above requirements between the ages of newborn and twelve. If you have any questions about the Curious Kids Gives Back Book Program, please contact the author, Chelsea Falin, at

If you would like to support this literacy program, you can contact the author at the above email address about monetary donations. All donations go directly towards gifting additional children with books, including the costs of shipping, and the author does not retain any monies received via this program. You can also support the program by purchasing one or more of the Curious Kids Book Series.
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