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1. Tell us who you are, and to whom you want the Singergram sent.
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4. Tell us when to send the Singergram (must be at least 2 full business days after complete order is received).
5. Tell us if you want to add any custom images.
6. Submit this form.
7. Send payment via the link at houstonshowchoir.org/singergrams.
8. Send optional extra images to singergrams@houstonshowchoir.org.
9. Order processing will start when Houston Show Choir has received all of the order information, including extra images, and payment.
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How Delivery Works
The final video product will be sent from Houston Show Choir to you and your recipient as a link within an email message, when ready or on the day of your choice. The video will be view-only (not available for download) and may not be shared in a public setting (e.g., social media). The link will be available for two weeks.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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