Beyond Shakespeare Exploring Sessions
Welcome to the Beyond Shakespeare Exploring Sessions! There are lots of options below, so read carefully.

Sign up covering TWO Weeks: Beginning Monday 18th January to Friday 29th January 2021
If your availability changes before we've sent out team sheets, just do the form again, we work from the most recent form you submit. If you have a last minute change, do email us.
Scheduling for each week happens at 10am GMT on Saturdays when team sheets are emailed out - if you apply after that you might get a part, but no guarantees.

Exploring Sessions: There are *potentially* two sessions each day, Monday to Friday, which anyone can join. We meet on, get to know each other, read a play and if we have time discuss it a bit. We schedule sessions based on sign up, so some sessions will not happen.
Please sign up for sessions you're available for - we will then work to your availability. Please note down your maximum number of sessions - that way you can be as available as you like, but only do so much as is reasonable.
We run different kinds of play readings - First Looks, where we stop and start the reading to discuss it - Second Looks, a run through at pace of a play we've done before (with optional acting - some prep is hoped for, rather than a cold read) - and Workshops, where we dig into a scene, character or other. We mostly do plays, but occasionally do other theatrical material or literature of the time. All sessions are recorded and are mostly released on YouTube, or on our podcast, sometimes with a delay depending on scheduling/editing.

Afternoons: Start at 2pm (GMT) Mostly we we read an act or two of a play each day as a First Look.
Each day the readers rotate, so you have a good mix of things to read. We aim to wind down by 4.15pm (GMT). On Thursdays and Fridays we tend to work towards Second Look readings of plays we've already done.

Evenings: Start at 7.15pm (GMT) aiming to be done by latest 9.15pm (GMT).
The texts and format of the evening sessions can be more varied, with a more eclectic selection of play/other texts, and more workshops.

The confirmed plays and parts are sent every Saturday, with invites to each session being sent around 15 minutes prior to the session beginning.
Casting and plays are subject to change depending on numbers. Don't request to be up for a specific play or part, it really is a random numbers game.

Plays - we have already covered the vast majority of plays written prior to 1592, though we're still filling in the gaps to complete that journey - later plays will be mixed into that process to keep us fresh.
To see, explore, watch and listen to the plays we've done, go to our timelines section on our website.

More info on our website, with details of setting up and how the system works -

Contact us with the form below if you'd like to act, or if you have expertise in early or early modern play texts and would like to help.

Most importantly, have fun and meet new people!
Robert Crighton (general admin type person)
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Maximum number of sessions you'd like to do across the week - and any other useful pieces of information that may adjust scheduling.
AFTERNOONS 2pm GMT - Week of 18th January. These are mostly First Look read through and discussion sessions, with maybe the odd workshop.
AFTERNOONS 2pm GMT - Week of 25th January. A mix of First Look read through and discussion sessions, with workshops and Second Look sessions at the end of the week for The True Tragedy of Richard III.
EVENINGS 7.15pm GMT - Week of the 18th January. A mix of readings and workshops, depending on numbers.
EVENINGS 7.15pm GMT - Week of the 25th January. A mix of readings and workshops, depending on numbers.
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