Reunite Haitian-American Families Campaign Endorsement
The Reunite Haitian-American Families Campaign is an advocacy effort comprised of Haitian-Americans, immigration advocates, human rights activists and community leaders. By November 1, 2013 DHS had approved over 110,000 visas including 16,000 for minors. However, these potential visa recipients have remained on waiting lists some over 12 years in Haiti, where many have died or are at risk given the cholera outbreak and other life-threatening conditions. The goal of the campaign was to have President Obama instruct Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, to create a family reunification parole program for the 110,000 Haitians on the waiting lists similar to the program created for Cuban migrants. This parole program would expedite the issuing of visas and allow Haitian visa recipients to reunite with their families in the U.S. during this process. On Oct 17th, DHS announced the creation of a parole program for an initial 5,000 of the 110,000 Haitian visa recipients. This is a significant first step but the campaign to Reunite Haitian-American Families is committed to fighting for all 110,000 Haitian visa recipients.

We invite you to show your support for Haitian-American families by having your organization endorse this campaign and the need for a comprehensive Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program.

Please read our top 10 reasons to reunite Haitian-Americans and ENDORSE TODAY.

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