Hythe and Dibden Parish Hall - what we would like the Hall to provide for us in the future
The Parish Hall is on West Street in Hythe. It is used by many community groups and individuals and is, without doubt, in need of some refurbishment. To make sure that the right refurbishments are considered it is important to find out from you what you feel the Hall needs to provide and what it could be used for if we updated it or provided new facilities.

Please help us by answering our questions below. If you want to contact us directly please e mail stephanie.bennett@hytheanddibden.gov.uk or telephone 02380 841411

Hythe and Dibden Parish Hall, West Street, Hythe
The Parish Hall currently provides this main hall with a stage
.... this Kitchen
.... this outside space
1. Did you know that Hythe and Dibden has a Parish Hall for use by the community? *
2. Do you use the Parish Hall?
3. What do you use the Parish Hall for?
4. What do you like about the Parish Hall?
You can write as much as you like here as it will help us to identify what is good
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5. What don't you like about the Parish Hall?
Again you can write as much as you like here as this will tell us what we need to work on
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6. What would you like to do at the Parish Hall that you are currently not able to do?
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7. Why can't you do what you would like to do at the Parish Hall?
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8. We are looking at forming a consultation and working group of everyone interested in the Parish Hall to help design the refurbishment. Would you be interested in being involved in this? If so, please provide us with your name and a contact e mail address or telephone. Our Privacy Policy applies and your details will not be used for anything other than being part of this group
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