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The Range of Motion Project (ROMP) is a nonprofit organization that provides high-quality prosthetic care to people with amputation who do not have access to this human right. In the United States, ROMP helps through its US Assistance Program. In this Program, people with amputation who do not have access to prosthetic care due to immigration status, lack of insurance, or extreme financial hardship can apply to receive prosthetic care through a ROMP US Assistance Program prosthetist. The patient is expected to make a voluntary donation directly to ROMP, per the US Assistance Program guidelines. The suggested amount of the donation is calculated based on several factors, including whether the practitioner donates their time, whether the fabrication is done in-house, the specific components requested, and the speed at which the components need to be received. Please fill out the following form to get a free quotation on the suggested amount of the donation for a patient, and you will receive a formal quotation via email.

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