Registration for the Raising Calculus and Vector Calculus Bridge Workshop
This form registers instructors for the joint Raising Calculus to the Surface and Vector Calculus Bridge Project workshop. Pending NSF support, the workshop will be held June 18-21, 2019 at Concordia University in Irvine, California. (If we don't receive NSF support, the workshop will be cancelled.)

We expect to hear about support from the NSF on May 15th. Should it be approved, we anticipate the workshop will be able to provide financial support for local accommodations (housing and meals at Concordia University) and some travel. The NSF funding will also be used to provide instructors with materials including a classroom kit of surface materials (up to 12 surfaces). We anticipate support for 20 to 24 participants.

If we receive NSF support, we will immediately notify all registered participants to confirm workshop registration so that they can arrange travel. If we do not receive NSF support, we will be unable to hold the workshop or reimburse for any travel. Please wait for travel arrangements until we know whether the workshop will be held.

We will accept instructors on a first-come / first accepted basis, and will include as many instructors as possible in order of registration. So, register early! We'll keep a waiting list if necessary, and inform everyone as soon as we hear about the NSF's support decision.
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