Speculative Herald Contributor Application
The Speculative Herald (TSH) is looking to expand our team! We are hoping to add some fellow lovers of speculative fiction as regular contributors (at least one post a month, preferably 2 or more).

What are we looking for? Pretty much any solid content related to speculative fiction. We would love to add some team members for more new/upcoming release reviews, but also for non-review content as well. If you would be interested in contributing a News Roundup post or something else to keep us all up to date on the latest goings on, let us know!

What does it pay? Good Karma and gratitude. Nothing monetary, we are all volunteers who just love sharing our thoughts on books.
Email *
Please provide an email address so we can contact you. We promise we won't share or use it for anything other than this application process.
Content *
What kind of content would you be interested in providing? If you have an idea for a regular feature you would like to do, please explain in the Other category.
Genre *
What genre do you read most? (we know its hard to play favorites, but most of us lean towards one more than the others)
Frequency *
How many posts would you like to commit to provide for TSH in a given month? Please keep in mind, we are looking for regular contributors. If you would like to provide mainly reviews, but are open to an occasional non-review post (or vice versa), please let us know. Also, please be realistic and do not over commit. We use this for planning and scheduling and do not want to over schedule anyone. Remember, we all do this for fun.
Occasional (less than once a month)
Review Content for New and Upcoming Releases
Non-Review Content
Background *
Please tell us a bit about you and your interest in speculative fiction
Link to your blog if you have one. Please remember that reviews provided for The Speculative Herald are not exclusive to TSH. All of our current team members run personal blogs as well, and we do cross post.
Goodreads or LibraryThing
Link to your Goodreads or LibraryThing profile, if you have one
Other Social Media where you talk books
Links any other profiles where you chat about books that you would like to share with us. Examples: reddit, forums, etc
Sample *
Please provide a review for a book you've read recently. We will not post or use this is in anyway, it's just a chance for you to show us the type of content you would like to provide and for us to get a feel for your style. If you were looking to provide non-review content, please include a sample for that. (Links are good if you have something online)
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