Hospital Response Team Application
The hospital response team at the Rape Recovery Center is a team of advocates who respond to Salt Lake County Hospitals to offer crisis intervention and support to survivors while they get a forensic exam. Please take a moment to read the information below and submit the following application.

Hospital response team members are part-time staff members. Pay will vary depending on what work you are currently doing. If you are on-call (not actively doing Rape Recovery Center work) the pay rate is $2.50/hour; when you are working in-office (staff meetings, supervision, or paid time interacting with other RRC staff members) the pay rate is $12.60/hour; when you are actively providing client services the pay rate is $18-$21/hour depending on experience. For the secondary overnight shifts there will be differential incentive of $3.60 when you are actively providing client services.

Please note, the Hospital Response Team monthly meeting is held the first Tuesday of each month from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. and it is mandatory that you attend every month.

If you have any questions about this posting or position please feel free to reach out to Emma the Client Coordinator via email
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How do you approach working with people that have identities, backgrounds, and values that differ from your own? How do you believe this relates to working from a Feminist Multicultural perspective? *
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