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We are pleased to announce a series of 4 workshops for anyone interested in understanding and applying the Montessori principles in their classroom:

1. 13th of April
The first workshop will focus on Maths. You will be introduced to some of the Montessori practical life and sensorial activities which give indirect preparations for math. Then, we will continue with some math materials that you can easily make and use in your classroom. Montessori uses concrete materials to introduce abstract concepts and give a sequential understanding of mathematical concepts.
2. 11th of May
The second workshop will be on Science. In this workshop, you will be able to select themes for your lessons from these different disciplines : astronomy, botany, chemistry, physics, and zoology and build a plan around them with some Montessori inspired activities that you can find online.
3.15th of June
The third workshop will be on Geography. During this workshop, you will be introduced to some Montessori inspired activities. The Montessori Geography curriculum is two-fold: physical and cultural geography. Physical geography discusses the formation of the universe, the creation of the earth, and all its physical properties. Cultural geography is the study of human society and culture.
5. 13th of July
The fourth workshop will be on Language. During this workshop, we will see that literacy and language should be incorporated in all aspects of the classroom. Teaching language as a separate subject could make it harder for the children to retain. We will see how vocabulary development and spelling practice is built into the whole curriculum.

Each session, will lasts 4 hours , from 1pm to 5 pm, and will be carried out in English. Each group will be of maximum 15 attendees. The trainings will be held at the CVS-Bulgaria office in ul. "Tsaribrodska" 59.

Stephanie has a Master in Education from The Open University and is Montessori trained. She is especially interested in teaching children with learning difficulties. She worked as a Montessori teacher and later as a directress in England, China, Laos and Portugal. She volunteered with refugees for one year teaching Maths and Science to children, she also worked for Caritas in Ready for School with Roma kids. She is now volunteering in a puppy shelter in Sofia.
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